Things that I drew that you can read!!!

Summer Camp NicoYuki / Run with the Wind / R18 / 55 pages 
Nico and Yuki getting it on in a van during summer camp. In both English and Japanese. Read right to left.
Days with You NicoYuki / Run with the Wind / G / 68 pages 
A bunch of short stories based on the pairing NicoYuki from Kazetsuyo.
Senpai & Kouhai NicoYuki / Run with the Wind / G / 56 pages
There are two stories.
Intruders: A cat keeps coming into Nicochan-senpai's room and bothers him as he works.
Even if we are different: Yuki is studying for the bar exam to the point of stressing out and not sleeping, and Nicochan-senpai thinks he needs to relax a bit before he breaks himself.
Nicotine Addiction NicoYuki / Run with the Wind / R18 NSFW / 20 pages
Yuki and Nicochan-senpai are sex friends but Yuki comes to admit that he has feelings for Nico.
Cooking with Haiji Haiji-centric with slight Haiji x Kakeru / G / 28 pages
A few shorts centering Haiji and cooking, including one where Yuki tries to produce an online cooking show like Cooking with Dog, and Haiji teaching Kakeru how to use a kitchen knife. Most characters makes an appearance.
Near and Far, Closer Together OtaYuri / Yuri on Ice / PG15 / 40 pages
Various short stories involving the budding love between Otabek Altin and Yuri Plisetsky. I love them so much. Also featuring Otabek and JJ friendship.
Faire la Bise OtaYuri / Yuri on Ice / PG15 / 20 pages 
Otabek comes for a random visit and Yurio goes doki doki. I don't really have a good description for this book LOL. just fluff.
link to store $3+ pdf
Off the Ice OtaYuri / Yuri on Ice / G / 40 pages
4 panel funny comics that was previously on my twitter. They are pretty gen but definitely has the pairings Otabek x Yurio, Viktor x Yuuri, and JJ and Canadian-ness.
link to store, free or pay what you want pdf
Off the Ice 2 OtaYuri / Yuri on Ice / G / 24 pages 
More 4 panel comics with added 19-centric strips and Makkachin and Potya and of course Otabek and Yurio.
link to store, free or pay what you want pdf
Okonomiyaki Hyotei main / tenipuri / G / 40 pages 
My first solo doujinshi from too many years ago. It's really gen, mostly of silly gags. One colour page, the rest are bw. I'm still really proud of it.
FYI Oshitari is the original megane character for me.
link to store, free or pay what you want pdf

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