Hello, this is belugachip. You may know me under different names (wai, maguro, etc). I have used a bunch of different names as pen names but they don’t stick, so it is just going to be belugachip as it is my twitter handle.  I also put my books under the circle name ポテチ食べたい or “I want to eat potato chips”. Who knows what I was thinking when I use random Japanese. There was a failed attempt to get things onto Tora, hence the Japanese circle name.

Anyway, I draw BL comics and doujinshi. My main story genre is slice of life.

Right now I draw mostly NicoYuki / Run with the Wind, but I’m also into SatoSugu / Jujutsu Kaisen and ItaFushi / Jujutsu Kaisen. I also draw original BL stuff for my comics collective LoveLoveHill where we self-publish our own comic anthologies.

Books I’m working on:

As of Sept 2021….

  1. cooking with haiji 2 –  so much of this will be about mayonnaise. same vibe as book one. So far I have 30 pages and half of it is just waiting to be inked. I have one more story about Haiji and Nira and then I will be done. Maybe 40 pages at the end? help.
  2. nicoyuki summer camp sex in the van – it replays in my head all the time, eventually I will draw it out lmao.
  3. the story of yuki deciding to run for nicochan senpai
  4. satosugu – satosugu of jjk. I need stories of Satoru and Suguru having a young carefree times of loving each other and fighting each other. hopefully smutty enough.
  5. gen jjk – because my love for nanamin is pretty pure… and so is my love for megumi…. and yuuji too… and everyone. it’ll just be short gags. It will turn into a book when I have enough pages.

Convention schedule:

Oct 31, 2021 – Kazetsuyo Online Exhibition – for information, please check their twitter

Art gallery:

nsfw stuff goes on my poipiku.
anything else goes on tumblr. – kazetsuyo tumblr – jujutsu kaisen tumblr – yuri on ice tumblr

Comics you can read:

You can click on the cover to read it. They are mainly sold out stuff that I probably won’t reprint.


Senpai & Kouhai
NicoYuki / Run with the Wind / G / 68 pages
A bunch of short stories based on the pairing NicoYuki from Kazetsuyo.
Senpai & Kouhai
NicoYuki / Run with the Wind / G / 56 pages
There are two stories.[br]Intruders: A cat keeps coming into Nicochan-senpai’s room and bothers him as he works.[br]Even if we are different: Yuki is studying for the bar exam to the point of stressing out and not sleeping, and Nicochan-senpai thinks he needs to relax a bit before he breaks himself.
Nicotine Addiction
NicoYuki / Run with the Wind / R18 NSFW / 20 pages
Yuki and Nicochan-senpai are sex friends but Yuki comes to admit that he has feelings for Nico.
Cooking with Haiji
Haiji-centric with slight Haiji x Kakeru / G / 28 pages
A few shorts centering Haiji and cooking, including one where Yuki tries to produce an online cooking show like Cooking with Dog, and Haiji teaching Kakeru how to use a kitchen knife. Most characters makes an appearance.
Near and Far, Closer Together
OtaYuri / Yuri on Ice / PG15 / 40 pages
Various short stories involving the budding love between Otabek Altin and Yuri Plisetsky. I love them so much.Also featuring Otabek and JJ friendship.
Faire la Bise
OtaYuri / Yuri on Ice / PG15 / 20 pages
[br]Otabek comes for a random visit and Yurio goes doki doki. I don’t really have a good description for this book LOL. just fluff. [br]link to store $3+ pdf
Off the Ice
OtaYuri / Yuri on Ice / G / 40 pages
[br]4 panel funny comics that was previously on my twitter. They are pretty gen but definitely has the pairings Otabek x Yurio, Viktor x Yuuri, and JJ and Canadian-ness.[br] link to store, free or pay what you want pdf
Off the Ice 2
OtaYuri / Yuri on Ice / G / 24 pages
[br]More 4 panel comics with added 19-centric strips and Makkachin and Potya and of course Otabek and Yurio.[br] link to store, free or pay what you want pdf
Hyotei main / tenipuri / G / 40 pages
My first solo doujinshi from too many years ago. It’s really gen, mostly of silly gags. One colour page, the rest are bw. I’m still really proud of it.[br]FYI Oshitari is the original megane character for me.[br]link to store, free or pay what you want pdf


@belugachip – my BL/nicoyuki/nsfw Twitter – where you find the newest updates about my comics and progress
@meganejutsu – mainly jujutsu kaisen – kazetsuyo tumblr – jujutsu kaisen tumblr – yuri on ice tumblr – digital store.. most stuff are pay what you want.
Blog – I made a blog!! I hope I keep this up.

Love Love Hill – the comic collective I’m part of
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